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Dekadal Weather Review
Monthly Weather Bulletin

Tanzania Meteorological Agency

The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) produces a decadal (10 day) and monthly weather bulletin. The Dekadal Weather Review provides a 10 day summary of the synoptic situation, rainfall, agrometerological and hydrometeorological impacts, and a weather outlook for next decade. The Review also provides a rainfall map and revelant graphs and is only produced during the crop growing season. The Monthly Weather Bulletin provides a synoptic and weather summary; information on temperature, sunshine hours, and windspeed; satellite information including NDVI; an agrometeorological and hydrometeorological summary; and the expected synoptic and rainfall situation for the next month. The monthly bulletin is produced every month of the year. A Seasonal Weather Forecast Bulletin is also produced every few months. The TMA website also provides detailed daily, 10 day, monthly, and seasonal weather forecasts.