World AgroMeteorological
Information Service

Burkina Faso

10-Day Agrometeorological Bulletins (Bulletin Agrométéorologique Décadaire)

The National Meteorological Service of Burkina Faso produces 10-day agrometeorological bulletins which provides written summaries on the general meteorological situation, rainfall, agrometeorology (humdity, evapotranspiration, solar radiation) and agricultural (phenology). Graphs and tables are available of station data and parameters on rainfall, evaporation, evapotranspiration, temperatures, soil temperatures, wind, humidity, and solar radiation. It also provides the seasonal climate forecast for the country.

The Multidisciplinary Working Group (Groupe de Travail Pluridisciplinaire ou GTP in French) of Burkina Faso which is composed of several Governmental agencies and international projects, provides a summary bulletin of the agricultural season that includes written summaries on the rainfall, water supplies, state and stage of the crop, pastures and livestock, phytosanitary. It also provides maps and graphs of rainfall and graphs on reservoir levels.