World AgroMeteorological
Information Service

Dominican Republic

Various Monthly Bulletins

The National Office of Meteorology of the Dominican Republic (Oficina Nacional de Meteorologiá – ONAMET) provides several agrometeorological bulletins and other products on their website. Most of these products also have an archive.

These products include:

  • Monthly Effects of Climatic Conditions on Agriculture
    (Incidencia de las Condiciones Climaticas el la Agricultura) 
    – This bulletin a monthly summary of the effect of rain, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and evapotranspiration. It provides detailed tables of stations by region.
  • Monthly Agroclimate Summary
    (Resumen Agrometeorológico)
     – This is a short summary of climatic conditions during the month.
  • Monthly Agroclimate Outlook
    (Agroclima Mensual)
     – This bulletin provides an agroclimatic outlook for the next month on water balance, rainfall, temperature, pests and diseases for each region.
  • Precipitation Anomalies
    (Desviación Precipitaciónes)
     – This bulletin provides a monthly summary of rainfall anomalies (difference and percentage) for stations by region.
  • Monthly Climate Perspective
    (Perspectiva Climatica Mensual)
     – This bulletin provides a summary of the synoptic cimate of the past month and a seasonal climate forecast for the region and country.