World AgroMeteorological
Information Service


The following products or bulletins are provided by institutions or organizations in China:

  • Beijing Climate Center provides daily drought mornitoring, montrhly climate monitor of China, monthly climate szstem monitoring bulletin, latest climate information and monthly summary of extreme weather and climate events in China.
  • Crop Watch provides bulletin about global agroclimatic patterns, crop and environmental conditions in major production zone and etc, also they update news on crop condition.


Various Drought and Climate Products

Beijing Climate Center (Chinese version)
Beijing Climate Center (English version)

The Beijing Climate Center (BCC) was created by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) – English version in March 2003 to focus on operational and research climate activities, climate monitoring and diagnosis, climate prediction, climate impact assessment and climate change.

Information and Products provided are:

Crop Watch – has served as China’s leading crop monitoring system. The CropWatch research team, part of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, assesses national and global crop production and related information using remote sensing and ground-based indicators. Each quarter, the group’s findings are published in the CropWatch bulletin, which is issued in both English and Chinese.

Products provided are: