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Weekly Agromet Forecast
Latest Weekly Agromet Forecast
The Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) produces short weekly agromet bulletins which include rainfall forecasts and GIS maps with descriptions and interpretations in both English and Bengali. These bulletins also feature a table of monitored variables of the previous week for various stations collected by administrative divisions. These monitored data include: Total rainfall, Total number of rainy days (bright sunshine hours), Average maximum (and minimum) humidity, Average Maximum (and minimum) temperature, and Average Normal maximum (and minimum) temperature.
BMD also produces a long range forecasts (three months) and goto the “Services” menu to access climate for various paramerters andstations in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Agro-Meteorological Information Portal  is a dynamic web portal developed under Agro-Meteorological Information Systems Development Project (Component C: BWCSRP), DAE with a view to disseminate agro-meteorological services and other related information to the different users especially to the farmers in Bangladesh.

Weekly Agromet Forecast Archive. Click on the title to download the PDF.